Guidance Gokokuji Temple
総本山 多宝富士大日蓮華山大石寺
Head Temple Dainichirengezan Taisekiji
開基上人 総本山第66世日達上人
Founder of Gokokuji 66th High Priest Nittatsu Shonin
開創 昭和44年1月10日
Date of establishment January 10th 1969
開創縁起 日蓮大聖人の竜ノ口法難、発迹顕本(ほっしゃくけんぽん)の意義を末永くとどめるために建立
Basis for establishment To preserve for many years into the future the significance of the Tatsunokuchi Persecution and Hosshaku-kenpon which means to discard the provisional identity and reveal the true identity.



Nichiren Daishonin encountered the Tatsunokuchi Persecution here in Kamakura. This occurred because He propagated Nam-MyoHo-RenGe-Kyo in order to save the people who were suffering at that time. Despite the fact that His own life was under this persecution, the Daishonin had one thing that He had to reveal. It was the Buddhism of the Three Great Secret Laws which will lead all living beings to supreme happiness. He inscribed the Dai-Gohonzon of the High Sanctuary of the Essential Teachings as the most important behavior of His life and transferred it solely to Nikko Shonin among the six major disciples.
For more than 700 years, Nichiren Shoshu has been protecting the Dai-Gohonzon mainly at Taisekiji which is located at the foot of Mt. Fuji and which was established by Nikko Shonin. Furthermore, we are aiming toward the establishment of true happiness of all people and a peaceful world by propagating the Three Great Secret Laws.
If you are looking to nurture your heart or if you are under distress, please visit this temple.

(日本語) 熊本地震に想う

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