The Auspicious Establishment of Gokokuji Temple

Nichiren Shoshu Risshozan Gokokuji Temple was established by 66th High Priest Nittatsu Shonin on January 10th 1969 in Kamakura where a deep relationship with Nichiren Daishonin is shared.
The Gohonzon which is enshrined in the Main Hall has the inscription, “September 12th 1968”. This means that this temple was established in order to uphold the significance of Hosshaku-kempon at Tatsunokuchi on into the future.
The “700th Anniversary Commemorative Ceremony of the Tatsunokuchi Persecution” was splendidly conducted by High Priest Nittatsu Shonin on September 12th 1971. At that time, the unveiling ceremony for the monument “Revering Hosshaku-kempon” was also performed.
A monument at the historic site at the edge of the Temple grounds was built by the Young Men’s Division of Kamakura in 1922. It states that during the year of Bunnei (the latter part of the 15th century), the home of Uesugi Sadamasa, an aide for the chief of the Kanto region, stood in this place. There are many old temples and historic sites around this temple, and this area is designated as a scenic zone by Kamakura City.